How do I know if the Coupon is Valid ? #ValidCoupons

How do I know if the Coupon is Valid? Can I use it where I live?

There are some basic requirements for most coupons:

  • The coupon must have a redemption address in Canada (This information would be located under the dealer portion of the coupon).
  • The coupon must have a valid expiry date.
  • The coupon must have a UPC or coupon code.
  • The coupon must match the product your are purchasing.

COUPON 2 read coupon




Types of Coupons:

  • FPC – Free Product Coupons ~ These coupons entitle you to receive the base price of the product at no charge ~ tax will depending on coupon details ~
  • BOGO/B1G1 – Buy one Get one Free
  • B2G2, B1G2– Buy 2 Get 2, Buy 1 Get 2 Free
  • Cents Off– Entitles you to the amount specified on the coupon; even though these are often referred to as “cents off” coupons; the values can be of dollar amount such as $1, $5, $10, etc
  • Set Price – These coupons give you a product or service for a set price which is below the regular price however you need a coupon to get the product at the special price. “Oil Change Regular $59.99 ~ Only $19.99 with coupon “
  • WUB– These coupons entitle you to something extra when you buy the product specified on the coupon. “Receive a free pasta sauce when you buy 2 boxes of pasta”
  • % off- These coupons can range in value and give you a % of a product
  • Miles or Points– These coupons give you extra Air Miles, Optimum Points, etc.
  • Coupon Codes– These are codes usually made up of a series of letters & numbers that you can use online to save money off products and services purchased online.

What else you should know:

  • National Stores such as Giant Tiger, Shoppers Drug Mart & Walmart have National Coupon Policies that are the same regardless of what store in Canada you visit.
  • Regional Stores such as Sobeys, Superstore/Lablaws, Pharmasave have Regional Coupon Policies that are the same regardless of what store you visit within your region. Regions are often separated: Atlantic Region, Quebec, Ontario, Prairies, West (Alberta & British Columbia)
  • Franchises Stores such as Canadian Tire, Global Pets, Home Hardware have individual store coupon policies and can vary from store to store.
  • The Majority of stores accept only one coupon per product.
  • Many stores do not accept FPC ~ Free product coupons~ that are printed due to fraud.
  • Photocopying coupons is NOT permitted.
  • In Canada you can use coupons in either English or French
  • Never take coupons off products in store that you do not intend on purchasing.
  • Only take enough coupons for your families needs ~ 6 is a family appropriate number~ leave some for others 🙂


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