How much cheaper is it to do it yourself? The reality may SHOCK you! #DIY #Pricematching

How much cheaper is it to do it yourself?


We often have projects around the house and around the yard that we think we can’t do or figure for the price difference it would be easier just to hire someone to do it. Is that true? Did you know you can price match more than just your groceries?

We recently purchased a house in October and are very quickly learning some of the cheaper ways to do things without compromising quality.Β  Even if you find you are not physically able to do the work yourself; you can still save your self LOTS of money by buying the materials yourself and than hiring someone to do the work.


We went to a local place to find a place to order a smaller cupboard to match what we had in the kitchen. We had purchased a dishwasher and when we had an electrician in to do work prior we had him put the wiring in for it so when we were ready it would not require an additional service call (most professionals like electricians have a minimum job rate, example is most charge a minimum of 2 hours or they won’t show up, even if your job only takes 15 minutes, you will be charged for 2 hours) so we opted to have it done at the same time (1st money saver). We figured if we took out our double size cupboard, we had room for the dishwasher and a skinny cupboard. We asked what the charge was to remove the big cupboard and put in the smaller one. We were told $100. They would need to removed the old cupboard, put the new smaller cupboard together and put it in, oh and drive to our home which is 11 km from the store. We opted for just buying the small cupboard (which they put together in store fore free) put it in the back of my SUV, went home and within 10 minutes, not only did Roy have the cupboards all changed up, the dishwasher was installed. (2nd money saver).

While we were there, we watched various contractors and others people who do work for people coming in to buy things such as light switches, plug ins, towel racks for the bathroom, etc. While there, after the paid for their items, took off all the price tags as they were going to the “job” so that they could charge the customer money even on those items. Once they cleared the way, I asked the guy behind the counter if that was a common practice and he said, it’s very common. MostΒ  people have set rates for the jobs they do as well as materials. On even the small purchases I witnessed, the customer would be paying a minimum of $50-$100 more just for those few items.

This gets me to the main purpose of my post, our neighbors, us needing a fence and special fencing for our dogs. Let’s just say I was told recently that fences make better neighbors πŸ™‚ We were looking to get a privacy fence for the back of our property to run along the back, in addition due to the fact that we have dogs, 1 large and yes 5 little dogs, we live in the country and there are wild animals, I don’t want my dogs to get hurt. We called a fencing company to get an estimate on fencing.Β  The estimate came back at almost $8000!!!

Roy got out his phone and yes used the app Flipp (wonder where he learned about that) and compared fencing at Kent Building Supplies, Home Hardware Building Centers and Home Depot . The nearest Home Depot is 86 km from here however I checked at Kent’s customer service desk, met a Coupon Nannie fan πŸ™‚ and found out they do in fact price match Home Depot, plus they beat the price by 10% . Why were we price matching? The difference in the sheets for the fence were $20 difference. We got to the project desk and let’s say they were familiar with the price matching policy, however after a quick phone call to customer service, we were all on the same page; some of us happier than others but to each their own πŸ™‚Β  We also ordered 2 dog kennel’s 13′ L x 7′ 6″ W x 6′ H . When it was all said in done, with taxes & delivery to the house was $1500 ! A savings of $6500 Plus we earned Air Miles.Β  Now even if we had to hire someone to help put up the fencing, we have still saved a crazy amount of money just by buying the materials our self. Plus our dog kennels with have sun roofs on them (which the plans for the original fencing did not include) to keep them safe from the sun or from any large birds flying away with our 2 lb-6lb dogs!

Before you decide on that next project, inside or out. Make sure you shop around for prices, but your materials whenever possible yourself and stretch your budget even more πŸ™‚

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