How to Allow your Wallet to Benefit from the Holidays!

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IMG_1707How to Allow your Wallet to Benefit from the Holidays!

We made another trip to the grocery store to see what deals we could find. Normally we wait until later in the day around 6:30 or 7 PM ; that’s about the time of day the store marks things down to liquidate the store closing the next day.

Items you normally find on mark down normally 50% include:

  • Store Packaged Fruit bowels/Salads/Cheese & Deli Trays
  • Pre Made Meals such as Store Made Chicken, Sandwiches, Pizza (I love picking up chicken & pizza and putting it in the freezer for a quick meal on another day)
  • Store Deli Salads such as macaroni, potato, bean, coleslaw
  • Pre Packaged Salads, Fruits/Veggies
  • Store Bakery items and pre packaged specialty breads such as Naana breads  {Freezer favorite}
  • Packaged Deli Meats {Freezer favorite}
  • Organic & Soy based Dairy products
  • Yogurt

Other Items you will find marked down normally 30%

  • Deli Cheese {Freezer favorite}
  • Fish ~ In Store Package ~ {Freezer favorite}
  • Meat/Chicken ~ Packaged in store~ {Freezer favorite}

Items you normally find on mark down  75% include:

  • Clothing
  • Personal Hygiene items getting ready to change packaging
  • Holiday Specific items after Holiday(cards, candy, etc.)


If you have a look at the items we picked up today 🙂 IMG_1707 Other than the 2 salad kids none of these items need to be consumed today. What items we don’t eat today or tomorrow we can easily freeze.

The Butter Ball turkey deli meat was an amazing deal at $2.79 for the entire package!! There were 3 packages left so we grabbed those for the freezer.

The corn and mixed veggies we will be cooking tomorrow and what is not eaten can easily be thrown in a fridge for left overs or in the freezer for a fresh new meal some day 🙂 The cinnamon rolls; Tylia suggests can be put in individual baggies and put in the freezer and are great for on the go fast breakfast in the morning for school or a snack at school. The same goes for the cheese biscuits and rolls.

The Easter Bunny cake; the plastic face, hands etc can be washed off for next year 🙂 The cake can also be sliced up and put in the freezer for unexpected company or a treat for a dessert some evening!

The cost for 1/2 a package (six) of cinnamon rolls on clearance is $1.90 which is approximately the cost of one at your local restaurant.

Another cost savings measure; if you have a habit of going through the drive though each morning to grab a drink and a sweet such as cinnamon roll by simply having your sweet with you can help you cut your take out costs by 50% 🙂 Often those trying to save money find it easier to cut down a bit at a time opposed to all at once 🙂







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