How to Get the Most out of your Coupons, Bonus Points and Mail in Rebate :)

style="text-align: center;">IMG_7254 (366x640)How to make the most of promotions 🙂

  • Transaction #1 (receipt to left)  Used the $10 Veet Coupon, Even with everything else I ended up over the $50 mark and scored a $10 SDM card, PLUS Veet was 20 X the points so I earned 4430 Optimum Points and spent $37 out of pocket and I can send in my MIR ~Mail in Rebate for Veet getting $15 Back 🙂   so after rebate we are looking at $22 🙂
  • Transaction # 3 (receipt to right) Used $10 Veet Coupon + $10 Gift Card I got from transaction #1, Scored 4200 Optimum Points for a cost of $13 + tax but I have a $15 MIR ~ Mail in Rebate~ making it FREE 🙂IMG_7255 (390x640)IMG_7256 (349x640)
  • Transaction #3, Scored the Johnson Free First Aid bag that had $15 in coupons inside 🙂 Used my $10 Shoppers Card I scored on the weekend making my purchase $23 ish 🙂 Only 440 Points (Big difference when it’s not 20 X the points on something huh 🙂

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