How to Shop Online Effectively ! ~ Making Christmas Less Financially Stressful ~ #Christmas

Making Christmas Less Financially Stressful ~ How to Shop Online Effectively !

We all have been avoiding the subject yet we all know it is coming; the holiday season is the next magical time of the year that people tend to worry so much about. You see the Mommy Groups wondering if they have purchased enough gifts for the kids or so frantic to know everyone’s budgets so they can “Keep up with the Jones” The annual debate on labeling the gifts, making sure that you only have so many gifts labeled from Santa as you do not want other kids feeling left out. The conversation on do you need to include, buy for or how much for “his other kid”.

Our youngest daughter Braylee is 3 years old. We recently started talking about Christmas; as that is what we celebrate in our house, and for her I was very pleasantly surprised by what she said. What she wants for Christmas is a tree with balls on it and lights over in the corner like last year. She wants everywhere here for Christmas morning; in the past it has been her oldest sister and her husband, her next oldest sister (a spouse this year) and her daughter, her brother and his girlfriend and daughter (this year a new baby too) , her big sister Ty and Devyn and Mommy & Daddy, and of course presents from Santa. When I asked what sort of presents she says Santa presents which are surprises. She comes with us during the holidays when we make donations and make purchases for donations. She understands that not everyone is the same; she is 3. We as adults worry way too much and stress our selves out way to much.

I personally suffer from PTSD and sever anxiety and due to that I prefer shopping online if at all possible. I don’t like digging through piles of stuff, I do not like trying to guess what the sales price is, and many of the rude self entitled people in this world are just too much on some days. I have however found that I can save MUCH more money shopping online than I can in stores. I have approx 50% of the holiday shopping done and I think 1% which is my grandson’s wagon was not purchased online.

You can get discounts on top of discounts, earn cash back on those discounts and bonus coupon codes. I have purchased gloves for the kids as cheap at $0.64, T-shirts at $0.94 and my best feat was I got my nephew mega blocks for Xmas from  an Amazon Gift card I got for shopping via Swagbucks; so it cost me nothing 🙂 🙂

Between Ebates and Swagbucks you will find MOST online stores. Sometimes you will find they both have them listed but the amount of cash back varies. I have seen for example Old Navy be only 1% cash back at Ebates but be 2% cash back at Swagbucks so it best to check both. I have people say Swagbucks does not give you cash but Swagbucks; yes but you can redeem Swagbucks for gift certificates and normally cheaper than the value. I very frequently redeem 2200 Swagbucks ($22 worth) for a $25 Amazon gift card. Ebates I can get my cash back paid to me 4 times a year (I have no control and $25 is worth $25)  These are the exact reasons I love both! These cash back options are always in addition to anything the website you are buying from has. Ebay now has ebay bucks ! You may get 1% cash back at Ebates for your purchase on Ebay but Ebay may also give you 4% of your purchase in Ebay Bucks that can be used on future purchases.

This time of year you can find things at incredible prices you won’t find anywhere else, especially if you have limited shopping areas. My granddaughter LOVES LOVES paw patrol and LOVES SKYE!!!

Is this nor ADORABLE! Can you picture a 2 year old opening this gift from Nannie & Papa Christmas Morning. See ebay listing here

6 Paw Patrol Stuffed! Do you think she will like these falling out of her stocking? See the listing

I got tons of other ad ons to qualify for free shipping on Amazon to finish Adyson’s stocking.

I recently shopped at Old Navy (I shopped via Swagbucks) they had 40% off lowest price including clearance items. Several of my orders came to over $200 retail, while I paid approx $40 or less with shipping included.  If you are a first time purchasers you can sign up for a $10 off Coupon!!  You can stock up on lots of great things.  You can score a little bit here and a little bit next week. It does not need to overwhelm you.

I personally also make sure I am doing all my surveys in my favourite survey sites to make those extra gift cards, gift certificates, checks and paypal payment in time to use for Christmas. Visit our list here

At the end of the day, the only thing that is important is that you are together with friends and family. It does not matter how many items Santa bought or how big your budget it or how many presents are under the tree. It does not matter how much you spent or what you bought. That is not what the holidays are about. If buying presents or assisting Santa are things you will be doing, taking advantage of Ebates and Swagbucks will most certainly assist you on crossing off your list, making your loved ones happy and not breaking the bank!




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