Hunter in the House? PS3, Wii & Xbox Hunting Games Between 52% -75% OFF! Limited 1 per Person!


Cabela’s Big Game Hunter Hunting Party for Xbox 360.

52% SAVINGS C$23.99
Limit 1 per person.

Step in front of your Kinect for Xbox 360 and grab hold of an included gun controller to begin hunting in Cabela’s Big Game Hunter Hunting Party. The Kinect captures realistic motions as you duck, jump, and trip over coffee tables. The Top Shot Sport offers a realistic feel complete with a pump-action reload and tactical sight as you chase after birds, bison, and mountain lions. Realistic gunfire noises and vocal encouragement accompany hunters as they traipse through natural habitats in areas such as British Columbia and Tanzania.



Cabela’s Dangerous Hunts 2011 with Top Shot Elite for PS3

75% SAVINGS C$16.99

Limit 1 per person

Villagers in the Ugandan wilderness are being attacked by terrifying animals. In fear of leaving their homes, they call in the world’s most elite big-game hunter: you. Track the beasts through the bush or lure them to you by leaving an apple pie on the windowsill. Then, use the included Top Shot Elite wireless controller—with its pump-action reloading, adjustable stock, and red lens scope—to target the deadly animals in one-on-one battles. Additional game modes include shooting galleries with hot-seat, multistage, and multiplayer options.



Top Shot Arcade with Top Shot Elite Gun Peripheral for Wii.

60% SAVINGS C$19.99

Limit of 1 per person

  • Includes Top Shot Elite gun peripheral with pump-action reload
  • 75 arcade-style shooting galleries
  • Over-the-top bonus games
  • Multiplayer contests for up to 4 players




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