I just got back from SDM ~ #ShoppersDrugMart ~ MOST FUN #COUPON TRIP OF LIFE! ! See why :)

funI just got back from SDM ~ Shoppers Drug Mart ~ MOST FUN COUPON TRIP OF LIFE!

I know that is a huge statement huh!. Often when I go shopping; I talk with store employees, customers that see me couponing and ask questions or someone asks me if I am Coupon Nannie; but never like this!

Roy, Devyn and myself headed out to SDM; 18 500 Points WUS $75.. I can’t pass that up.

I had an amazing time meeting so many Fans of Coupon Nannie; So many (gonna be fans when they get home) couponers. Not thinking it was also June 30th which means deadline for June coupons to be used. People who didn’t know each other were trading coupons in the aisles, pointing out deals to each other, If someone had 2 of something in their cart both blue and someone walked by and said I wish I had a blue one; they were swapping so everyone was happy. If staff noticed something was getting low they were pulling it out of the back room like crazy!

One lady was chatting with Devyn and let me know they had kids toothbrushes regular $5.99 on for $1.99.she even went to get them for me. The coupon people were letting those who only had one or two items go ahead while the organized. Cashiers were even taking notes of deals for after work.

I was there for a while but it was TRULY Amazing to see the employees & customers ~ all working together to get everyone what they needed at the lowest possible price, earning the maximum rewards and getting through the lines swift & quick and Everyone was having fun !


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