It’s Official!! Target is Leaving Canada #TargetLeavingCanada

 TargetTarget is Leaving Canada!!


Back on January 8th we had a big chat about the possibility of Target leaving Canada indicating a decision would be made by end of February. Other than the lose of jobs no one seemed to be bothered that much. A few had trouble believing that they would close out all the stores.

It’s Official! They are pulling out of Canada!!!

Target is pulling out of Canada.

The Minneapolis-based retailer announced Thursday morning it has filed for creditor protection with the Ontario Superior Court of Justice.

Target struggled in Canada with supply issues that left shelves often empty at many locations, as well as with overall public disappointment that its prices and selection did not equal those seen in the U.S.

The chain employs 17,600 people in 133 stores across Canada. It had racked up losses of $2.1 billion in the few years it had operations north of the border.

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