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January Budget – Are we on track on need a restart?

We all start the first of the year with good intentions of saving money and getting on track but the truth of the matter is we are setting ourselves up for failure. The holidays kick everyone in the pocket book regardless of income. Everyone over spent, many people got cheques early , banking days and automatic payment were mixed up due to the holidays and whatever budget you once had was dead by January 3rd. That’s why we don’t start off with a budget at the first of the year in posts, we wait to a bit down the road. January we need to learn what saving strategies there are, and get our butt in gear to get things on track.

Here is where I am:

Swagbucks – Earn $35 in Amazon Gift Cards this month so far.

52 Week Challenge – I am ahead a bit due to extra change so I am at week 9 and have $45

I have $60 in Gift Cards in the Gift Card Challenge (I purchased in total so far 4 X $10 Super Store gift cards, 2 X $5 Tim Hortons Gift Card and a $10 Giant Tiger) When I am in a store, I just grab something and put them in a ziplock bag in the safe; if you don’t have a safe use a drawer that won’t be accessed by others. I really didn’t “miss” the money.

Requested to increase our mortgage payment by $50 per month (It took 2 years off a 10 year mortgage)

I scored 501 Air Miles so far this year, mostly with Sobeys’ product bonus’s and store promotions

I scored 25 804 PC Optimum Points (Regular grocery & Gas)

Caddle is $0.95 this month, Checkout 51 is $2.10 and Coin out $3.04

These are just the things I could check quick. How are you doing so far? Let us know in the comments .

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