Keep Eye on PC Points This Week ! Don’t Miss out on Points #PCPlus #MissingPoints

Know your flyer and receipts!!

IMG_1647 I was at the Super Store last night and purchased 6 of the Pure Leaf Real Brewed Ice Tea

The points were not coming up at cash so I wasn’t too worried as I have emailed them before and they have fixed things without an issue.

This time was different. I received an email back saying

Please be advised that we are unable to locate instore offer on “Pure Leaf Real Brewed Tea”.

Despite the offer being directly in the flyer. I have now taken a picture of the flyer, as you can also see here to email them so I can get my missing 6000 points (value of $6.00)

These are one of the promotions that are under the new Pepsi Promotion going on so please ensure you keep an eye on your receipts to make sure you are getting the points you should.

** Please do not argue with cashier or store, there is nothing they can do about the issue, they did not cause it and cannot fix it”  ** Please go to the PC Plus webpage and contact them to credit your points


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