Kraft Dinner Coupons #KDinner #KidsStuff

Kraft Dinner Coupons #KDinner #KidsStuff


If you have a kid (and many adults depending when you were born) LOVE their KD.

Some like it plain, some like it with ketchup, some add hot dogs, some add extra cheese (okay maybe not cheese but the orange powerded stuff we have come to love as cheese)

Unlike when we were younger, when Kraft Dinner use to be a cheap lunch for the kids, it is now $2  a box as a regular price or close to that in many places. When I was a child, I remember you could cut out and mail in 10 UPC’s and they would send you a crisp $1 bill.

I don’t even have a crisp $1 coupon HOWEVER I do have a Save $0.75 off Kraft Dinner 4pk Coupon. Visit here to get yours .


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