Latest Fraud ~ Apple Emails ~ SCAMS & FRAUDS


Be careful !!! Scam email out stating your apple ID is going to expire !!!

It’s fraudulent & a way to get your personal information & credit card info !!!!

Report it directly to (forward the email): (Thanks Alisha)

Apple does NOT send out messages like this! If you hit reply on the email you will see it does not get sent from Apple, nor are all the words spelled correctly! I took screen shoots of the email that I received



reply apple






Tips to Remember 🙂

  1. Never click links in emails to update information; especially credit card or personal information. Always go to the company website.
  2. When logging into banking information, putting in credit card information always ensure you are on a secure site (you can tell it’s secure by the little lock symbol and the s)






Companies such as Microsoft will NOT call you! They do not know if your PC is broken! Do NOT give them credit card information. If you feel there is something really wrong with your lap top, phone, etc take it to a place such as a local Computer stores or a place such as Staples. DO NOT allow people over the phone to fix these items. These are very often scams to get your credit card information! Once they have that information it is very very very difficult if not impossible to get those charges reversed.

Please be careful  🙂









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