Learn how I got this for only $2.99 – Knowing your policies

Learn how I got this for only $2.99 IMG_3745

This is not a joke. I paid only $2.99 for these items that would have cost me $23.97 for a huge savings of $20.97!!!

The sausage- There is an orange sticker peelie type coupon on packages of Schneiders sausages that say if you buy 3 Maple Leaf or other products you get them for free. You can see in the picture there are 3 Maple Leaf products so that makes it pretty easy to see how that one was free!

The other 3 items were regular priced at $5.99 each at Sobeys however all had signs with “This store only” specials marking them down to $2.99 however when I got to the cash, they rang up at $5.99 each. If you are not aware there is something called SCOP. (Your can read more about scope by clicking here)  In a nut shell what it means if the price scans wrong at the cash compared to the shelf price and it is under $10 you get the first item for free and any other identical items at the discounted rate.

The Protinis rang up at $5.99 instead of $2.99 so under SCOP I got this item for Free!!

The Maple Leaf Turkey pieces rang up at $5.99 instead of $2.99 so I got the first one Free due to SCOP and the send one for the advertised price of $2.99.

Make sure when you are doing your shopping and see deals like this to remember them at cash. I know that I carry my cell phone with me so take a picture of them at the store and show them at the cash (most times they still check  but at least you know for sure)

Many of you may think that this does not happen that often however you many be surprised how often it does.  I can say it probably happens at least once a week or more!

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