Learn how to Save even MORE at Sears!! My $80 purchase dropped to $56 !!

brasnowLearn how to Save even MORE at Sears!!

I frequent the Outlet at Sears online frequently as you can get Amazing Deals! I always go through Ebates to get the cash back too 🙂


Here are 2 deals I was ordering Last week and Happy with the deals. I was even Happier to find out I could save EVEN MORE!!!!

Sears regular 59.97

Clearance-save 50%  $29.94

I ordered this in size 9 months for Braylee for this winter 🙂


Columbia – Reversable Winter

Sears regular 99.99

Clearance-save 55% $41.94
With taxes & Delivery I was looking to pay $80 instead of $160ish BUT BUT it gets better………..
The items were all ready delivered to the store I had just not got there yet however a sale came out that would save me 30% more! So I called the 1- 800 number and asked if I should just reorder and send back what was in store, etc. Extra Discount I printed off the offer and wrote down the rep’s ID I was speaking too. I was not even going to be able to get to the store to pick up the order until AFTER this deal!!
I headed to Sears feeling I had a bit of a struggle coming up and showed them the paper and explained. They told me they had to charge the full $80 to my Sears card BUT than they would credit back 30% that would work out to $24!!
SURE!! So I was able to get the snowsuit and Columbia coat for $56 including taxes and delivery!! If you paid for any item or ordered it online and it’s not here you and the product goes on sale for up to 30 days you can get the lower price (which works great for back ordered stuff – the same with returns) It is 90 days if you paid for it with your Sears credit card.
**Another good reasons to tuck your receipts away and staple tags to receipts) **

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