Let’s see how this SCOP is going to work out :) The color makes a difference LOLOL I don’t know who they are trying to kid!

britaIMG_6927 (480x640)This is going to be fun!

Here is the ad to the right for the Brita Bottles. My receipt is on the left. Still shaking head.

You can clearly see even the receipt “Claims” $10.99 each or 2 for $15.00 and I was charged $10.99.

As per Scop I should get the first one for Free (as it came up wrong and under $10) and I should get the second one for the correct price at $7.50. In a hurry and I never noticed till I got home.

I called the store…….OMG. ……..the response, “Are they different color because if they are that is why? ” I commented that was ridiculous and she informed me if I come down she’ll give me back the difference….. NO NO NO……. I get Scop. I should receive a full refund for one charged at $10.99 as I was overcharged and the regular price is under $10 and the second one I should get a refund of $3.49 plus taxes. She claims to think I am only getting $3.49 for each.

Before I went back I wanted to do this post and while doing it (ha ha) I noticed the ad says “or less than 2 at $7.50 each”  HELLO!!! Again the color is IRRELEVANT! …….. Have the copy of the policy 🙂

I think now; I’ll return one for a full refund (I only bought 2 as I thought I had to, to get the deal but now I realize I don’t need to buy both and obviously it still would have run in wrong. I’ll get mine free~. I need to run my daughter down to her fathers and will be heading to Super Store than! Wish me luck! Don’t worry I’ll update you !

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