Let’s start the New Year with a Reality Behind the Blog :)

conspiracyLet’s start the New Year with a Reality Behind the Blog πŸ™‚

It saddens me every day to log onto various social media sites and read some of the things we “Bloggers” apparently do. Very often the comments are not only hurtful but personal attacks and it’s very disheartening considering the reality of it all. Please keep in mind this post is completely my own personal opinion; I bet there are many other bloggers that feel the same.

Why do I blog? I blog because I know from experience when it comes to finding ways to help people better there lives and help them learn how to improved their lives I tend to be pretty good at it. I get more excited hearing someone won something or did something great than if I did it myself. If everyone would take time out of their day to help share their skills, the world would be a much better place. A blog gives me a way to reach and be able to help even more people.

Everyone who runs a blog has a domain name (couponnannie.ca) which cost upwards of $14 annually.

To host (keep the site on the internet) we must pay a monthly free that can range in price depending the amount of visitors; the more visitors the higher the cost. We can’t not pay these bills or the sites disappear πŸ™

Depending on what your blog looks like and your skill you may also need to pay a free to upgrade your scipts (the hidden stuff that makes it all work when you click on things) or the design.

Contest apps (those silly things you put your email address in to enter a contest) can cost upwards of $80 a month (if you want the share option)

I am a Canadian blog and offers are for Canada which has a significant lower population than the USA (I think New York State has a larger population than all of Canada), for that reason I don’t get chosen for paid sponsor opportunities much. The large majority of the sponsor we and other blogs receive are from the bloggers, emailing companies on a regular basis and in many cases they agree to sponsorΒ  a giveaway for you fans but as the blogger we don’t get a gift; which is fine that’s not what we do it; we do it for YOU to have a chance to win something!

Many other sponsored giveaways are items we purchased ourselves such as gift cards from money we saved in our personal lives to host a giveaway to give someone a chance to get a little something extra to make them smile.

Even when we get sponsors; many times they ship it to us and we ship it to fans; we pay the postage out of our own pocket; and smile when we do it as we know it will brightenΒ  you day:)

We spend our time finding contests, freebies, coupons, flyers, and try to put it all together to help you save money, we answer your questions as quick as we can .If you don’t think that takes lots of time, think about how much time you spend online “claiming” the offers…hmmmmmmm

I know personally if I see something awesome, yep even contests, and I know I don’t have time to enter right now I’ll copy and post what I see for the contest, link and all and post so that you guys can score it. It could be anyone’s link. Sometimes I do post my referral links in contest, sometimes they are fans, sometime they are random. I spend some time thinking about the contests I won last year and I can’t think of one that I won that extra entries helped or even had anything to do with it.

Even though they are not always posted on Facebook especially over the holidays and days leading up to them, both Diane at CanadianBasics & myself read and responded to many many messages from fans; I spent Christmas Eve reading some to the kids and we cried πŸ™‚ Good cry! People thanking us for blogging as due to our tips and post they were able to do wonderful things πŸ™‚

One fan shared how she started following tips and this was the first year she could “do xmas” for her children without any outside assistance and was able to get extra’s, etc. You could feel the excitement in her voice πŸ™‚

The lady who was able to triple the amount of families she helps during the holidays due to following tips.


We choose to take time from our families to do this to help as many people as we can; we barely have time to get the things we post done much less get all our family and friends to enter contests under us or “enter for them”. Personally I save more spending an hour of my time looking for coupons than entering many times for a “chance”.


If you buy a lotto ticket and don’t win do you call the lotto headquarters and tell them off? Do you yell at the man in front of you in line who bought $10 in tickets for tonight draw because you only have $2 to buy tickets with? (After all he has an unfair advantage right?) When the lotto corporation posts pictures of Lotto Winners do you do a background check to ensure they are real people and just not fancy made up Photoshop pictures? Better yet, why not call the lotto place and tell them you don’t have money this week to buy a ticket so they can’t have a draw because it’s not fair?

When your in line at the local retail store and the people in front of you are having a conversation about something and you don’t agree with their topic; do you say “Listen you Disgraceful people? No you don’t. Than why do you think it’s ok to do it to bloggers who spend their time every day to try to help you?

Keep in mind Brands & Products are not required to offer coupons, have contests or any other promotion! Let’s be real if you need their product your not going to not buy it because they don’t do promotions. You buy products each and every day that NEVER offer promotions. When companies need to field hundreds of emails from “adults” crying “it’s not fair I didn’t win”…… they start to think……….WHY BOTHER? Why are we going out of our way to try to give a little something back to our consumers if it’s going to cause more hassle than do good?

Not everything is a big conspiracy theory with hidden agendas, sometimes people just like to help people; sometimes you win and sometimes you don’t .

Something to consider when your entering that next Flash Giveaway for a $10 Giftcard at your local blog πŸ™‚ Perhaps them keeping that gift card would cause less grief πŸ™

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  1. I definitely appreciate all you ( and other bloggers , of course) do everyday to help us achieve ! This year was exceptionally tough for my family, with cnacer treatments, multiple ‘mystery’ aliments which meant multiple tests. because of this, funds were limited, and without learning all the tips and tricks of savings, we would never have made it to the end of the year intact.
    Thank you again, and do let the haters make you feel any different in what you do for all of us that appreciate it!

  2. Thank you for putting into words what so many of us bloggers think! I would venture to say the majority of blog readers do appreciate the hard work all bloggers do to bring coupons/contests/freebies etc to their readers, unfortunately the squeeky wheel is often the complainers and their comments are the ones we remember.

  3. Very well said. I received my Healthy Essentials package in the mail today! I was so excited! Not sure which blogger posted the opportunity but all of you give so much to us. I am almost out of facial moisturizer, I’m broke until next week and lucky for me there was Aveeno facial moisturizer in the box that will last at least a week!

  4. Thank you and the rest of the bloggers for taking the time and money to do what you do ! As a result of links posted for contests , prizes , etc. , I have been able to share coupons , products , and more time with my family !!!

  5. Just wanted to let you know that you are valued and appreciated I have saved alot, learned a lot and continue checking in with you every day!

  6. Well said. I want to thank all sites, ppl, companies, etc for the hard job they do everyday. Offering coupons and contests is a generous offer to us and I very much appreciate all that they do for us.

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