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#LetsTalkBums I’m Ready are you? See why Cottonelle’s Wet/Dry Routine is best for You! WIN A PRIZE PACK!!


#LetsTalkBums The come in different sizes & shapes. There are Flower bums, baby bums, toddler bums and even bigger bums!

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The one thing they all have in common is they need to be wiped 🙂

Bums & Our Bathroom Routines usually aren’t something we commonly talk about well unless our toilet it clogged or we are toilet training. It never really occurred to me until I received this opportunity from Cottonelle to try out their Wet/Dry routine at no charge to myself why after we loose our diapers we stop using a wipe? It’s not that our bathroom routine changes; we somehow just got conditioned to think we only needed dry now. This came at a perfect time as I began to toilet train Devyn; who was use to wipes and than what? We go to a potty and there is just dry toilet paper! Perhaps…….. just perhaps Cottonelle did know what they were talking about.

One common thing I hear about various type of soft toilet papers is they quickly stuff the toilet!! Some tissues are much worse than others. Many military bases have some toilet tissue band as they stuff the toilets and septic system way too much! How do you find a balance between soft on our bum and nice to our toilet ! That’s a HUGE benefit of Cottonelle, the sheets are wider; which means you need less; it’s soft on your bum and its septic tank friendly. You can’t ask for more than that!

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Are Flushable wipes really Flushable?

What I love about the Cottonelle line of Wet/Dry routine is the great wet containers that are refillable which is better for the environment as you don’t need to keep buying large bulky containers that just get thrown out; just grab the refills. I personally prefer the tall refill container, however the rest of the family prefers the wider format. The refillable wipes fit in either container for everyone in your families needs! Once you have tried the dry/wet routine you will feel so refreshed and wonder why you went to only dry. We learn from our mistakes 🙂


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  1. It definitely makes sense to me! I love that the dry/wet routine makes you feel so much cleaner! Glad wipes are no longer just for babies…lol

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