Looking for the Voltaren Mail in Rebate form for your $10 Visa? This may help :)

volVoltaren Mail in Rebate!

I checked the form and you don’t need the original form sooooooooooooooo I was able to scan it 🙂 Click here to open the picture in a new page to print


You need to have original UPC, Original Cash Receipt!

The Mailing Address is:

Voltaren Enulgel Sports Cash Offer

Dept 3541

Box 9000

Lakeshore West PO

Oakville, ON

L6K 0E8


~ One per person/household ~


  1. Just wanted to say I just got mine in the mail thanks to your form here, I was buying some anyway so I have you to thank for this $10 prepaid credit card.
    Thank you Coupon Nannie!

  2. This is great, thanks! Any chance you could upload a clearer scan of it? It’s almost illegible (very faint) when I print it out.

    1. That’s as clear as I could get it 🙁 HOWEVER you don’t need the actual form 🙂 You can hand write the information. You will need the UPC off the box, the actual cash register receipt, your return address of course 🙂

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