Love Storm Shopping!! Think I did pretty good !!

storm shopLove Storm Shopping!!

Here in Nova Scotia we had what was called Hurricane Arthur today, where I live not near as bad as expected, lots of wind, trees down, etc. I knew not many people would be out and I know from experience I can score some amazing deals 🙂 Today was no exception


  • 2 Quarts of Local Strawberries @ $1.96 each
  • 3 Iogo @ $1.29 – 3 X $0.75 coupons (they were going to expire today)
  • Mini Chocolate Cup Cakes 50% off so $1.99
  • Kids asked for a cookie at Tim Hortons but instead I got the Pillsbury ones for $2.49 ~ They will have more fun with these for the same price ~
  • Maple Leaf Entre @ $7.99 – 30% off so  $2.40 – $3 coupon  (Scored 1000 PC Points too)
  • 2 packages of grape tomatoes at 50% off usually due to some damage of some sort (I took a picture…………. wait till you see all the bad ones) @ $2.50 each – 50% so $1.25 each !!
  • Total Cost was $15.11 + $0.58 tax = $15.69

one bad tomatoe

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