Loving Free Suncreen!! WHOOH! Scheniders County Natural Pizza Pockets $1 !!

IMG_2363Shopping and Saving Money 🙂

One question that often gets asked is how do you put the deals all together! Summer is here and hopefully this rain will stop so we will actually need sunscreen, especially for the kiddies! Have you seen the price of that stuff? Crazy Crazy!

Huge pet peeve is flyers who don’t give the price………… Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. this is why I always take the coupons with me!!


Whooh! Happy to see that the sunscreen was $4.74 and $5.49 that I wanted sooooooooooo If I bought 4 and had 4 X $5 Coupons that would be 4 Free!!

The only other things I really had to remember was whipping cream for Roy and  Party Mix for the girl!

IMG_2361Yeah I got a few extra things lol BUT BUT Good deals!


Both Texas Hamburger buns and Hotdog buns which means in the bakery, you need to cut them yourself and are much better in my opinion, plus $2 is great! ! 4 Sunscreen for Free, Scotsburn Cream $5.89 (Roy’s happy)

Party Mix for girls crazy at $3.49, Lean Cuisine 2 of them @ $2.49 each – a Bogo Coupon

Thought we would try the Country Naturals PIzza thing $3.49 – $1 tear pad coupon good on any – $1.50 Checkout51 Cash Back so at a price of $1 not bad! Mini cinnamon rolls @50% off so $1.75, Soy Beverage (50% off so $2.00)

4 containers of peanuts @ $1.99 each 🙂 Total cost after Cashback and discounts is $33.80



  1. You should not have been able to redeem the $5 off coupon on the pink sunscreen as it is only valid on the Wet ‘n Clear Kids.

    1. I asked them at the store and it was Wet N Clear but Babies and they indicated it was under the same UPC and therefore acceptable

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