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Zebra Coupons!

We have the scoop!! I had an amazing conversation with  Nizam who is the co founder of Websaver on this new “Zebra Coupons” and what that all means, what it could mean, etc.

The traditional Websaver Coupons that use to be mailed got to be extremely expensive to send out. With new coupons coming out every week, people might order one today and another tomorrow; that would be two postage charges. In attempt to make things more cost effective they would be a limit of requiring 4 coupons to help with postage however than you would find people ordering coupons that they didn’t want. The latest method was waiting for the occasion there was enough mailable coupons and than everyone logging in as quick as possible to get them, again that method was not the best as many people were being left out, no one. So how does one fix this problem?

They did focus groups & surveys and read pages like Coupon Nannie’s Facebook pages to see your feedback and what you were saying about the world of coupons. What they noticed is many of you did not have printers and could not take advantage of printable coupons, others couldn’t get java to work to print coupons. Websaver received many emails asking if a they could send a self addressed envelope, could Websaver print off the coupons and send them to them. All the feedback from YOU created Zebra Coupons.

What is Zebra Coupons?

Zebra Coupons is a new amazing coupon portal that allows those people who do not have a printer or access to printable coupons mailed directly to your home for the same cost as a self addressed envelop.

How much does it cost? A small charge of $2 which is covers the postage and ink (although they look like regular mailed Websaver – 8 coupons per page)

How can you pay for it? It is payable by PayPal or Credit Card (or Zebra Code)

How many coupons will I receive? You can order up to 48 coupons and multiples of your favourite coupons. For example if you see a $5 Pamper coupon, you could request 2 of those and 2 of the $7 Similac coupons and the other 44 coupons could be singles. As long as you do not pick more than 48 at once; you can choose whatever combination you choose. You will get 6 pages with 8 coupons per page.

How many coupons will be there at any given time? Anywhere from 25-50 different coupons can be there at any one time.

How often can I request coupons? You can request coupons as often as you like, however you will need to pay the $2 fee each time.

What type of coupons will there be? The coupons will be primary to start with the same printable coupons you find online today. That would include Websaver printable, some of the Smartsource, some of the P&G, Kellogg and other brands as they become available.

How do we different types of coupons on Zebra coupons? There may be many other brands watching to see how much YOU the consumer like this idea. The more people who use Zebra Coupons by not only requesting the coupons but redeeming them in store will most certainly help secure the current coupons sponsors but encourage other advertisers to use the service.

What are zebra code? I gave it that name, ha ha 🙂 They are codes that are used so that you do not need to pay the $2 shipping and handling at Zebra Coupons.

How do I get a free code? Select Bloggers across Canada have been given a handful of code (more than 25 but less than 60) and will be giving them out on launch day. YES YES YES Coupon Nannie is one of those bloggers.

When does this great program launch? It launches TOMORROW on Thursday!!!

How do you get a free code? When the message goes out on Facebook that Zebra Coupons is live!! Click the link that brings you to the blog post that will tell you how to get your code so you do not need to pay shipping. Remember there are only limited codes and only limited bloggers have them.

It is up and about! Check out the latest post complete with screen shots right here.

Questions? Free free to ask




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