Make $75 -$100 Per Hour Doing Surveys ~ REALLY??

surveyMake $75 -$100 Per Hour Doing Surveys

Work from Home Part Time

~ Make Thousands of Dollars a Month ~

I have seen the headlines online and I sure you have too! Let me be the first to tell you it’s no true!

99.999% of the time its a webpage that wants you to sign up and they give you access to tons of other survey sites to join and you do but you only get surveys worth $2 or so while the person who owns the website is making $1 for every survey you do. They have hundreds of people joined up under them and that’s why they have those Paypal receipts and copies of checks to show you that have those big huge numbers every month. The average very day person is not going to make anywhere NEAR that amount!

What online survey sites, mystery shopping, etc can do is add a little cushion to your budget. It’s great to have realistic expectations! The largest amount of a survey I have ever received was $50 and those are not very frequent; many are much less but they can add to your income. There are many legit survey companies that do in fact pay and can in fact help you make a bit however they are not going to add up to THOUSANDS of dollars! It’s just not going to happen.

If you looking to make $5 to $50 per month per survey site than that’s realistic amount you can expect. There are many survey sites that pay out in Air Miles, Aeroplan miles etc and very often you can end up in a MUCH better position with AirMiles as rewards opposed to cash 🙂 The important thing is to know exactly what your getting into an dhow much to expect!


~ Always remember ~ If it sounds too good to be true it probably is ~

If you are in doubt ask someone

~ Survey sites do NOT require your social insurance number ~


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