Make the Most of the 20 X Event at Shoppers on Saturday ~ See the Tips & Tricks to Maximum Bonuses :)

h-20x-615x290-May25-e20 X the Optimum Points Saturday ! What you need to know!!

  • Coupons with the exceptions of Free Product Coupons are counted liked cash!
  • That means your purchase must be $50.01 Before taxes and Before coupons 🙂
  • Please note (Free product coupons do not count towards that total)
  • Taxes and recycle deposits do not count towards that total!
  • Shoppers Drug Mart Gift Card purchases are not eligible for 20 X the points!
  • In Nova Scotia, Milk is not eligible towards $50 total
  • It’s very possible to pick up $50 worth of products and earn mega points and after using coupons pay little out of pocket.
  • Don’t forget your pin card for their online contest. You get one when you spend $10 !


  1. If a product is 100 bonus points when you purchase it; does that mean you get 20 X the 100 bonus? NO, you would get 100 bonus points & 20X the points based on the value of the product, such as $5.99
  2. Can I use additional Optimum Points coupons? Yes if you have additional coupons that give you bonus points when you purchase products you can use them. They will appear separately on the receipt. You will still earn 20 X the base price.
  3. If  a product is 10X the optimum points and Saturday you can earn 20 X the points; do I earn 30X on that product that day? No you do not, Shoppers automatically gives you the better deal!
  4. What if the cashier tells me it’s After coupons and not before? The great thing about the 20X promotions is the cash register does it automatically; simply check your receipt you’ll see your totals 🙂

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