May 15th ~ Cheap Gas~ Find out how to Price Match Gas on this day! & Save the Most!

gasSorry if that didn’t work 🙁

It’s always good to have a back up plan!

Earlier I posted a picture of a flyer I received notifying us of 5 Cents off a litre at Canadian Tire Gas bars on May 15th, Next Wednesday!

IMG_6261 (640x449)I reminded you to use your Canadian Tire Master Card to save even more!

Here in Truro, things like this tend to spiral Price Matching Gas day lol which is Great for us!!

Wilson’s Gas Bar, in Truro has confirmed they will also have a discount of 5 Cents a litre on that day ~ Did you know if you pay with cash or debit you save 2 cents a litre at Wilson’s Gas Bar every day ~

Also not officially confirmed (only spoke with staff not management) that the Super Store Gas Bar will ALSO have gas on 5 cents a litre cheaper that day!  PLUS don’t forget you get 3.5 cents a litre back in a grocery coupon!

IMG_6317 (475x640)& If you use your Presidents Choice Master Card or Debit Card you earn PC Points towards MORE Free Groceries!!  Click Here to get BONUS PC Points for Free Groceries with their credit card!

Personally, I will be going to the SuperStore Gas bar……. 5 Cents Cheaper + Grocery Coupon + Earn Points for even more Free Groceries… Who can pass that up?


Not in this area? Ask at your local station and find out the Scoop!

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