Mini Electric Sewing Machine Lightweight for kids #RankBoosterReview #Sponsored #Damon

Recently with the huge sale at our local Fabricville with 75% off I stocked up on material, lots and lots of material. The timing was amazing as the week before I had just purchased a new sewing machine as it had been quite a few years since I sat down at at machine, despite having my first large machine at about 9. I noticed very quickly my 5 year old Devyn had quite an interest and I wanted to find her something she could learn and practice on.

There are many that are very toy like however I wanted something more real. I found the “Sewing Machine,Mini Electric Sewing Machine Lightweight for kids with Light Foot Pedal ” on Amazon You can see the listing here

What attracted me to this one was the fact that it appeared to be a mini version of a real one, complete with a foot pedal and I knew Devyn would love it more than anything. It’s great you can use a button to operate but I knew she would prefer the pedal and I was not wrong.

It has a back up needle and bobbins included which I really like. It is just like Mom’s but smaller is what she likes. It is very light weight which is perfect for her to carry back in her room when she is done. It does simple stitching and is great for someone who needs to do light stitching or a child. As someone who has been sewing for over 30 years, this is defiantly a great gift for a young one or someone who wants something simple.



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