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Money and the Perception of Money

– The Young Couple –

Very often you hear about young people who have children and with it you hear how “they are missing out on so much”. “More kids on welfare”. People give them dirty looks at the grocery store assuming they are spending their tax dollars. “It’s a shame ruining their lives like that” Did you ever wonder how much of that is actually true?

My son and his girlfriend were expecting as teenager; she was 16 and he was 17. Here is where the “oh poor kids; they are going to miss out on so much” comes in. I asked Lexie; my son’s girlfriend about that and she said said what am I missing out on?

  • Drinking underage?
  • Experimenting with Drugs?
  • Partying all the time?
  • Possibly being in cars with those under the influence?
  • Date rape? Bullying? Multiple sex partners?

This is what teenage life can be like? So am I really missing anything?? I would much rather listen to a tiny giggle, see the big big smile or feel those wonderful cuddles only a baby can give 🙂

When Zack & Lexie found out they were expecting; they told us as soon as possible. Lexie was going to school full time and working part time at a pharmacy. Zack was going to school however he was not attending class. He decided to quit school; to pursue his GED later to obtain a full time job now to get ready for a baby. Within a week of telling us they were expecting Zack had a full time job.

He asked me to save some coupons for him and to see if I could find some baby freebies online. We all know I could and told him I would get for him and Lexie what I could for them to just save as much money as they could and check with us before they purchased items to ensure it wasn’t things we all ready purchased.

Zack decided before they baby came he wanted to secure an apartment to make a home for his girlfriend and baby (You know the things most 17 year olds think of) He found an apartment and called and asked for a favor (Being a mother I fully expected cash was the favor) I was wrong; he wanted me to co sign the apartment as he wasn’t 18 yet and you had to be before you can enter a contract.

The baby was not due until the end of June so Lexie would have plenty of time to finish the school. I had tons of stuff ready for the baby such as diapers, etc . It was maybe the first of May and Lexie and I were online one night and I saw this great deal on a crib at Sears and Lexie liked it so I ordered; little did we know what would happen next.

IMG_1969On May 8th; Lexie called to say she wasn’t feeling well so Roy (My boyfriend) drove her to the hospital; they told her she had a bladder infection and sent her home with antibiotics; she called back saying she really didn’t feel good. Roy took her back to the hospital. Things transpired very quickly as next thing we know; we received a call from my son saying baby Sophia had arrived and if we wanted to see her before she got air lifted to the IWK we better hurry up.

Zack continued to work in the days that followed and Roy drove him to Halifax after work to see the baby;most mornings Roy would drive to Halifax at 5:30 am to get him to get him to work on time. This allowed him time to bond with his daughter. After a few months things were on track as far as health wise for the baby 10410278_943904575622942_2605704765331038016_n.

Lexie took her maternity leave from the pharmacy and contact the school and due to her high marks and the time in the year she was passed without any issue at all 🙂 Zack continued to work full time.

Earlier this year; after spending a full year; never missing a rent payment, paying their own electric bill, internet, etc. They wanted to move to a town house so that their daughter could have a yard and they could have more privacy.

3 weeks after moving in Zack lost his job 🙁 Without missing a beat; Zack began to job hunt again; after a week he was offered 3 jobs in one day. He didn’t take the one that paid the most; but there was a reason. The job he took paid only minimum wage to start however the learning and advancement opportunities were much more. Now at the ripe age of 18 he is a chef’s apprentice working 40-50 hours a week. He has the GED book he is studying.

Lexie has completed her maternity leave and needed a job since you can’t start school in May. She has been selling Younique cosmetics part time all along but she now had to make a decision on what to do. She got a full time job and we agreed to baby sit our granddaughter Sophia so it would give them time to save up some cash for a car. Miss Sophia is one year old and in amazing  health. 11196312_1479591938946634_2811121860606346709_n

Her mother and father; are not on welfare and take your tax dollars. They pay taxes. They didn’t miss out on their life. They have never asked to borrow money. They have never had their services shut off. They have never had to go to the food bank. They have never regretted having their child at their age.

The next time you see a young couple; teenagers; don’t assume they are spending your tax dollars. Don’t give them dirty looks because they have an iphone; they purchased it with their own money. The new shoes they have on; came from their paycheck not your tax dollars.

Have you prejudged someone based on assumptions?

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  1. when my son and his g/f were excepting at a young age , people assumed it was a welfare thing , little did they know that they are working everyday and support their own child 🙂 pay there own bills and have there own place 🙂

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