Mott’s Garden Instant Win & $1 Mailed coupon!! #MottsGarden #InstantWin


Grand Prize : There is one (1) grand prize available to be won consisting of twenty thousand dollars ($20,000) CDN, payable by cheque (the “Grand Prize”).

Instant Prizes: There are a total of four hundred (400) instant prizes available to be won during the Contest Period (the “Instant Prizes” and each an “Instant Prize”) as described below:

Number available to be won

Prize Description

Approximate Retail Value ($CDN EA)





Small 16 GB computer tablets

$ 439.99


Wireless Music System with speaker

$ 329.00


Coupon for free Mott’s Garden Cocktail (6 x 162 ml or 6 x 240 ml)

$ 4.99


Click here to get started and be sure to watch out for the


I would like to receive a $1 off coupon for my next purchase of a Mott’s Garden Cocktail 6-pack††Your coupon will arrive in 6-8 weeks


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