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Much Cheaper & Healthier Flea Treatment :) #Flea #Eco #DIY

dawnvinegarMuch Cheaper & Healthier Flea Treatment 🙂

You always see DIY things on Facebook, Try this and try that; you never try it but often wonder if it works. We have 5 dogs ! 10250321_691026490962681_1496659647121803474_n 10421138_10154368219940078_8673467332169810554_nWillow, Pooh Bear, Chickie, Duke & Princess ! Biggest one is Duke (the black one)

I hate chemicals, especially on my babies; poor little Chickie is only 3 lbs so I’m not fancy on giving her pills or anything like that so when I saw the post about flea treatment I thought why not 🙂

You need:

  • 1 cup of Dawn
  • 1 cup of Vinegar
  • 1 quart of water

The amounts can vary depending on the size of your dogs but these are the amounts we used on our dogs 🙂 First a good lather of the Dawn and warm water, Than poured on the vinegar and lathered up a bit more. This process was approx 5 minutes. A towel was used to towel dry the dog and than inspect the dog for any fleas. It killed ALL the fleas !!! EVERY SINGLE LAST ONE!!

dogfleaGreat way to keep the fleas off your furry babies, keep them away from nasty chemicals and keep cost SUPER low!!





    1. It should 🙂 Some of our dogs have hair instead of fur so I can’t see why not and out dogs are quite little too. Not to mention I noticed a HUGE improvement to their hair opposed to normal shampoo. My Willow went from looking like a dog lol to a doggie ready for the red carpet after a day at the spa 🙂

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