My Treasure Hunt of Savings at Shoppers Drug Mart


My Treasure Hunt of Savings at Shoppers Drug Mart

I went to Shoppers today for the sole purpose of seeing if they had any more Lever 2000 in so I could use the BOGO coupons I got in last weeks inserts! They only had 4, They were $2.99 each or 2/$4; Since I had Bogo Coupons I paid $4 for 4 of them 🙂

Since I was there I decided to look around and Spotted Dove Shampoo & Conditioner for $2.99 each! I had coupons for $1.50 each so I paid only  $1.49 Each!!

I found 2 L’Oreal Feria Dye for the discounted price of $3.99 and I remembered  a few rows over I spotted coupons so I went over there and grabbed $3 coupons making the dye $0.99 🙂 🙂

In the back clearance section (I love this section) I found 2 Biore Cleansers discounted to $3.49 and directly behind me there was a display with $2 coupons off ANY Biore product. Which makes them $1.49 EACH!!! SCoRE!!

I go down the aisle where the Boire products are and there are 3 containers of boire Anti Blackhead wash, hugely discounted to $3.49 so I put them in my car, spin my cart around and back to the display to see if there are 3 more coupons! WHOOH!! which makes more savings $1.49.

I took a walk down the rest of the aisle and found a Garnier scrub Gel & a Garnier Exfor Brush highly discounted to $2.99 and I had $2 coupons (from inserts) WHOOH!! $0.99


Total cost was $19.41 + $5.91 =$25.32 out of pocket

Not sure how but ended up with 3240 Points today!


  1. I really enjoy Shoppers Drug Mart especially for the Mascara you can’t find anywhere else! Treasure hunting there for bargains are the best bonus ever!

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