Nation Wide Walmart Price Matching ! The document You want!!



HUGE HUGE HUGE Thank you to : Angel Kloeckes 

She has secured a copy for everyone in regards to the Nation Wide Price Matching at Walmart!!

44839_10152322509835030_228339363_n 1965038_10152322509945030_779062424_nTo Make life easier I converted them into PDF Files to make it much easier to Print 🙂 PDF files also save on your computer and Smartphone too 🙂

Page one (click here)

Page two (click here)



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  1. What Louise said is true. I have called the Walmart Canada Head office directly and they verified that the Ad Match policy has not changed. They will match any local competitor.

    People really need to stop publishing articles or documents without getting the truth first.

    1. Many Walmart’s are price matching Canada wide; many in Nova Scotia including my local one is included in the ones who Price Match Canada wide

  2. These are internal documents that Head Office does not communicate to the general public. Official Ad Match policy is still LOCAL as stated on the back of the flyers. Canada-wide price matching is at the store manager’s discretion, so some stores are doing it, others are not doing it (only local), others are doing provincially. Head Office is still debating on whether to make this policy, but currently are looking at the legal aspects of it, etc.

    Therefore, check with the store you are shopping at whether or not the store is following the internal documentation for Canada-wide price matching.

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