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Make Care Matter –
Every day

Welcome to the next chapter in our movement – The Good Deeds Counter. Until the end of the year, you’ll have the chance to put a smile on someone’s face and draw closer to loved ones on a daily basis.

Here’s how it works:

Each month will have its own theme and 16 good deeds to do – ranging from low to high commitment. Every time you complete a good deed from the list, you can go to the website to check it off. It is then added to our collective counter, which cumulates all participant’s deeds for the current month.

1.The more participants complete good deeds, the higher the counter climbs.

2.The higher the commitment of the deeds, the faster the counter rises.

3.And the more it rises, the better the prize.

The collective counter has 3 prize levels, and every month 5 lucky winners will be drawn from the pool of eligible participants and could win the prize below that corresponds to the prize level reached that month.

Level 1

NIVEA gift basket worth $50

Level 2

NIVEA gift basket worth $75

Level 3

NIVEA gift basket worth $100

The counter resets to zero at the start of each new month giving you the chance to participate again. Click here to participate!

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