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OMG Check out your BearPaw Box for $1.50 #Coupon !!!

Coupon NannieWHOOH! Coupon Nannie has a secret deal!


Okay I cant take all the credit; I’ll give it to my daughter Tylia! I had bought Dare Real Fruit Minis for Devyn last week for $1.99 at Sobeys and inside the box was a coupon for $1.00 off Bear Paws………. This week Giant Tiger had Bear Paws on for $1.88 so I used the coupon to get some for $0.88.

Well tonight Ty was dumping the Bear Paws in the treat drawer (We have one of those 3 drawer plastic containers for the kids) and out of the box came a coupon!! She ran in to show me. Buy 2 and Save $1.50 expiry Dec 31/2014. There is no indication on the box at all there is a coupon inside.

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