One per transaction, One per customer, One per product ~ What does it all mean ~

imagesCoupon Wording

One per transaction – Only one of that particular coupon can be used per transaction. (If you want to use more than one of these coupons they will need to be rung in separately!

One per customer – Only one of these coupons can be used per customer; you cannot do multiple transactions. (If you are in the store you are considered a customer; when my daughter shops with me we can use 2 coupons with this wording as there are 2 of us and we are both customers)

One per product – Only one of these coupons can be used on one product! If you have 5 products you need to have 5 coupons!

One per purchase – This is the same as above. If you are purchasing 10 products you can only use one coupon on the purchase of each product so therefore you will need 10 coupons .

One per family – Only one coupons can be used per family! Even if all 6 of your kids are shopping with you; you can use ONE of these coupons. If you come back tomorrow and have another coupon the store can refuse it as the coupon stated one per FAMILY.

Clarification on stores that do not accept Free Product Coupons that are printed:

  • Buy one get one Free – Yes they accept them as you need to make a purchase
  • Buy 2 get 1 Free- Yes they accept them as you need to make a purchase
  • Coupon value of $5.00 that is printed and product is on sale for $4.50 thus making the product free-  Yes they accept it as the store is the one with the sale. They simply need to write the amount on the coupon.
  • Free product coupons- This product entitles you to one free product- NO, Most stores will not accept these coupons due to the ability to mass produce!


A Unique Coupon- In order for a coupon to be considered a “different coupon” the coupon must have both a Different UPC! A great example of this is Scrubbing Bubbles. The majority of their coupons say one per transaction or customer. They have various coupons out there. If you wish to purchase 10 Scrubbing Bubbles as one person in one transactions and they all have the wording you CAN use 10 Coupons however they must ALL have different UPC’s; so 10 different UPC’s would be required.



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