Online Shopping? In Store Shopping? I saved over $48.00 !!!

IMG_0277 (640x480) (2)Online Shopping? In Store Shopping? What’s the best Deal!!

Is there a difference if you buy items online or in store? If you are buying identical items from a store, let’s say The Children’s Place, one would think the price would be the same, or at least the deals would be the same.

I went to the mall the other day hoping to find some great deals on some winter clothing for Devyn; something with sleeves 🙂 I left the mall empty handed and came home and went online!  Waiting until I got home I saved just over $48.00 !!!

The dress was priced at $34.95 & both shirts were priced at $14.95  so $64.85 plus tax in store when I came home and went online I noticed they had a huge sale on for online orders, Free Shipping and I found a coupon code to save even more! As a result I paid $3.85 for the grey shirt, $2.79 for the pink shirt & $10.14 for the dress plus tax for a total of $17.98!!

I essentially got a dress and shirt for free buy purchasing online compared to what it would have cost me for one shirt in store!

The most common reason I hear for people not shopping online is that they do not have a credit card or do not trust using their credit card. Anyone can purchase a pre paid Mastercard or Visa just about anywhere for a surcharge of $3.95. It’s a great option for those who do not have a credit card or do not wish to use their main credit card at stores where Paypal is not an option.


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