Online Shopping! ~ Learn from the Start ~ Article #1


Online Shopping!

More and more businesses are offering online shopping and every day I get asked tips on how to shop, what’s safe and all that fun stuff. Online shopping is a great way to get just about anything you want and there are ways that you can get those items at HUGE HUGE discounts. At times you can get it Free or even make money on it. I know it sounds crazy and “sketchy” but it’s true and last year at Christmas by shopping online; not only did I get a ton of stuff for the kids and grand baby for free, I earned over $500.

Unlike in store promotions were you get the option for the “current sale”; online there are many options and very very often they are stackable promotions 🙂

These are all different terms online retailers use and quite often they are stackable! (Which means you can use more than one at once)
Promotional Code
Discount Code
Coupon Code
Store Credit
Gift Certificate

The other amazing thing about online shopping as various stores give loyalty cash back credit for their store. Example you may purchase $100 worth of items from a store (After promotions, coupons etc you may actually pay nothing out of pocket)and the store may reward you with a 10% credit for your next purchase

There are online “Cash Back” (I think of them as malls) that allow you to get Cash Back from stopping at stores by visiting the store through them. Ebates is a great example of that. The example about could result in you earning 10% credit at your store you are shopping at plus 10% credit in your Ebates account.

Online shopping often gives you a much larger variety of options and sizes. It gives you access to tons of store you may not have locally! The majority of stores allow you to make returns locally in store if that is convenient.


Getting into it!!

Ebates (Canada & USA) $5 Sign Up Bonus / $10 Sign Up Bonus on US Site ~ I belong to both


Those 3/4 above are my favorite sites to score some extra cash back in my pocket for items I am buying anyways

They are all free to join and they an save you a HUGE HUGE amount of money.They frequently have nice little sign up bonuses too 🙂 Here is a great example!

I wanted to get Roy a Bench jacket. The Bench website had the coat for approx $70 plus shipping. Instead I went to Ebates, once I was in Ebates I went into and searched for Bench. I was able to get that EXACT same jacket for $10 (after discounts, coupon codes, etc) including shipping. I earned credit back in my account for my purchase. I earned 15% back in my Ebates account 🙂 Once I figure out my credit back from and my cash back from Ebates

If you haven’t done any online shopping yet. Signing up to those sites above and having a look around and getting comfortable with what they have, what sort of deals they have, what stores is a great first start!!

Next time we’ll have a follow up article for the next step on online shopping and a few after that so that by the time Back to School comes you’ll be comfortable with shopping and by the time it’s time for Christmas shopping you’ll be an expert and saving a TON!!


If you have questions you would like covered about online shopping; feel free to comment below and we will ensure we get them covered in the follow up articles!

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