Optimum Points – Understanding the Value of Optimum Points

Optimum Points – Understanding the Value of Optimum Points

sdmchartThe chart to the left shows the value and levels of Optimum Points 🙂

The value of A point varies depending on which reward level you are at. The higher the reward level the higher the value of A point.

$0.00125 at the $10 Reward Level
$0.00178 at the $170 Reward Level

Don’t let those low amounts fool you they add up really quick 🙂

  • You typically earn 10 Points per dollar spent. If you spent $50 you are looking at 500 Points!
  • If you spend $50 and it’s 10 X the Points thats 5000 Points!
  • If you make that same $50 purchase and it’s 20 X the Points thats 10 000 Points!! That’s a $17 Value in your Optimum bank!!

Which points amount would you prefer?? Do you want 500 Points? 5000 Points? or 10 000 Points? On every $50 you spend?? **Tips in future posts on how to not need to spend the $50 out of pocket!! **

A bonus coupon worth 2000 Optimum Points is equal to $2.50 in your Rewards Bank.

Next Week: Knowing Rules & Policies ** Learn how to not need to spend $50 out of pocket to achieve promotions!

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