Our Review Team

Our Review Team

Coupon Nannie Review TeamCoupon Nannie – Yep it’s Me πŸ™‚

On the east coast of Canada, in Nova Scotia is where Coupon Nannie & Dana became one πŸ™‚ Coupon Nannie is a Family Effort of our Family trying to find the best products & services at the best possible price. We all work hard for our money and we want to ensure the products & services we are buying for ourselves and our families are quality products that are best to suit our needs. Coupons, Samples, Reviews and Freebies are ways that our family has been able to find some of our family favorites that were worth every dollar we spent on them πŸ™‚ When I am searching for quality products and services for our family, I don’t check the manufactures or services websites first; it’s written by them; Of course it’s going to be all positive. I want to know what the mom down the street thinks,Β  would my neighbor feed that to her dog? Would do the parents think at the kids schools? What does the coach recommend? I hit the blogs! When it comes to our family there is no holding back when we have an opinion!!


IMG_9234 (375x640)Our Youngest Reviewer – She may be young; but she knows her stuff!

Little Miss Devyn – She Loves to Review Products, Events & especially organic and natural foods!

She’s been to events! She’s had her face painted. Bread, Milk, Snacks, Yougurt! Diapers, Formula! Devyn may be under 2 but she loves to keep her beauty regiment! She lotions daily! She loves different smells. She loves to draw! Fresh Fruits & Veggies are her all time favorite & she has a slight obsession with brushing her teeth!

Testing out toddler apps and music on her mini Ipad is one of her favorite things to do when she’s not dancing to music or playing with her “Doggies” She is so big now sporting size 18 months clothing; she enjoys trying to dress herself and putting on things that are “pretty”.

Her problem solving skills are amazing and she is very detailed in her reviews! Devyn uses all her senses to evaluate products; her facial expressions clearly give hints to a review before her words come out!



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Devyn with some of her favorite Reviews !!!

Β Miss Tylia ! Our In House Pre Teen Review!Tylia


Tylia is our Bilingual (English/French) sport’s enthusiast pre teen in the house!. Her first set of golf clubs she had by 2. Watching the Williams Sisters on TV was much more entertaining to her as a toddler than cartoons! Playing Soccer and Mini Handball are on her favorites list to play! Not hard to tell who her favorite hockey team is! Her hair & her nails are top priorities to her beauty regime! Yes she has an Iphone but she also clips coupons and looks for deals and sales. Our local thrift store is her favorite place to shop for what she’s wearing!!

A’s & B’s fill up her report card and she aspires to be a fashion designer, dancer or vet ! Music is one of her passions, but don’t let that pretty smile fool you, take out a deck of cards and you’ll get schooled on 45’s. I swear she’s addicted to water bottles!Β  She puts 110 into everything she does!




Ty in Action with some recent reviews!


Our Teen & Young Adult Reviewer!

IMG_9264 (413x640)

Meggie, with only 3 months under her belt at her first full time job in the “Adult world” talks of a promotion at work are already on the horizon! Working in a fast pasted customer orientated, attention to detail environment that is dependent on quality standards and happy customers has sharpened Meggie’s skills and attention to detail when evaluating products!Β  Reading books and drawing are two of her passions!

Like any young women , shes’s always looking for cool new things to check out and share with her friends!












Granddad Reviews too!IMG_9655 (352x640)

Well normally Granddad enjoys reviews for natural pain relief and muscle help! Bad Knees! What he really loves to review are all the tools,Β  (shhhhhhhhhh He’s slightly OCD with cleaning gadgets & cleaning products) and can whip out the list of pro’s and con’s in a heart beat!

He’s a good sport and allowed me to test many products on him πŸ™‚ No puffy eyes here baby!! ha ha πŸ™‚ He helps out with any reviews with all of us, something not as long as us but he still tries them out πŸ™‚




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Our Newest Doggie Reviewers to Join our Team πŸ™‚

Our doggie review team loves to test our products of all kinds πŸ™‚ They love clothes, grooming tool, new healthy treats & snacks! Please note our dogs are very picky on what they eat and enjoy healthy natural foods. They enjoy vegetables, natural treats, organic food.


Chickie, Our little golden brown Pom a Poo (Mommy is a toy poodle & Daddy is a Pom) & Duke, is Chickie’s Brother (His mom is a toy poodle & his Daddy is a Pom – but not the same as Chickie’s) He is a very tall boy who loves to play with toys and dance on his back legs πŸ™‚

Our Veteran Doggie Reviewers!

Momma Princess, our Toy Poodle loves to do things with her hair πŸ™‚ Willow, our Pretty Tiny Shitz shu (she is only 6lbs) loves to look pretty and dress up πŸ™‚ Pooh Bear our Brown Nosed Pom; he is a bit over protective and has some anxiety issues. He our head of security !


***Please note: prior to committing to any reviews for food or treats for our dogs; I must have an ingredients list prior to review. Please note if I decline to review your pet food/treat product; it is in no way a reflection of your product simply not a good selection for our dogs based on their individual health regiment πŸ™‚ I do have a wonderful network of other reviewers whom I would be more than happy to recommend if your product would not be a good fit for our dogs **


Our Amazing Fans & Followers!


Our Blog, Facebook & Twitter Followers are from all across Canada! They are always looking for new products & great service. They love to give feedback! If they love something….. THEY TELL EVERYONE!!!


Sister Site – Canadian Basics

Visit our Sister Blog CanadianΒ  Basics – Diane in Ontario, aka Country Mamma has her own great Review Team too! We work great together and separate πŸ™‚


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