Oxi Clean for $0.50 Plus see how you can get equivalent to a bottle Free #GiantTiger

Great Deals on Laundry Stain remover at Giant Tiger


This is a hot deal at Giant Tiger! You can get Oxi Clean Laundry stain remover for only $1.99! There are tear pads out there that give $1.50 off making each bottle only $0.50. I got 4 bottles for only $2 after coupons!!
If you play your cards right you can get equivalent to a free bottle!!

The non spray bottle has 946 ml and the spray bottles have only 650 ml so you gain 296 ml per non spray bottle. I purchased a spray bottle and 3 refills. The extra in 2 non spray bottles is almost equal to the amount in a spray bottle. You can always take the spray top off and put it on the other bottles when you need it to stretch  those dollars even more!


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