PAMPERS COUPONS ARE BACK!! Not on P&G Portal!! #Pampers

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pampers2 pampers3 Papers1PAMPERS COUPONS ARE BACK!!

Anyone who has been couponing for a while remembers THESE coupons! They were not the same ones as on P&G! These are printable as well but they are smartsource which means you can print 2 and they are normally valid for 30 days after print!!

Visit the coupon portal here!


That’s not ALL!!

From now until June the 30th, 2015, when you enter your first codes from a package of Pampers Easy Ups, you will earn 500 points added to your Pampers Gifts To Grow Rewards balance!


AND you can get $3 Cash Back on Easy Ups from Checkout51 See it Here!!

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