PC Optimum – The easiest way to do it!

PC Optimum – The easiest way to do it!

PC Optimum is finally here, February 1st, the day we have all been waiting for, the merger of points programs the Shoppers Drug Mart Optimum Points Program and Loblaws PC Plus program; the two quickest rewards programs out there. All the anticipation………………

Many people in stores were having issues too. My own experience was due to servers being down they could not transfer my points, however it came up before the transaction was over so they could do it. I left with the card, went to Shoppers Drug Mart with my card from the Super Store and my Optimum card, after two attempts we were hopeful it worked.


Eager to help everyone with their cards I came home and immediately attempted to go to PC Optimum   for a few hours I was unable to get the website to work so I thought I would risk it and see what I could do just on the app and I am so glad I did as it made life so much easier. I had to first delete my current PC Plus App, than I had to go to the App store (I have an iPhone) and download the new PC Optimum App . I than logged in using the email and password I had always used for PC Plus account.



All my questions were answered!  It gave me the option to put in the last 4 numbers of my Master Card, and birth date to switch that over. Roy also had a separate Optimum Card so it allowed me to add his card and transfer his points over. It sent him an email confirming he wanted this done. I was so excited, it was so very simple. I noticed in the account it appeared as if I had 2 PC Optimum Accounts linked, one number I noted was the actual plastic card I had received at the Super Store earlier, the other was my app # card.  If you add you app, do not worry, just ask for a plastic card in store and you can add it to your account later. You can have a family account so everyone is collecting.  Here was the post we did last night on what to expect for offers in the next few weeks.

If you have purchased items at Shoppers Drug Mart in the last few days.

Have you successfully linked all your accounts? Are you still having issues.

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