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New Family Vehicle with Car Seat Safety Checks

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I remember when car shopping was so easy, you had option of a car or truck. Your biggest option use to be picking a colour. Today there are so many options, from the colour of the interior, if it is going to be all wheel drive, how many seats, what sorts of seats and are they heated.

My last vehicle I had to try to find a vehicle that would accommodate our unique family needs. We were helping our adult children with child care plus our own children, which meant at the time there would be 4 children in car seats and we would need room for our teenager and both myself and my spouse. We purchased it second hand and was excellent condition. I had planned on keeping the vehicle for a while as I had zero issues with it, however this June while pulling out of a parking lot for some reason the person in front of me, put their vehicle into reverse and slammed into the front of my car. I went to the dealership to get an estimate on repair and found out out that they cost to fix the car would be very close to what the value of the car was according to an insurance company so the decisions was made it was time to look for a new vehicle.

So many choices, our situation has changed somewhat so we would only need the back seat to fit 3 car seats across which is not an easy task. In the event we only had 2 car seats in there needed to be room for for a teenager in the middle. One of the biggest things I noticed was how difference the car seat set up was in the different vehicles. Cars.com has a great system for checking the set up for your car seat in various years, makes and models of cars. You can check to find the closest location to find a certified  technician

Certified child passenger safety technicians conduct hands-on tests of a car’s Latch system and check the vehicle’s ability to accommodate different types of car seats. Always make sure your little one is safe and that your child seat is properly installed.

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