Plants ! Why pay big bucks for beautiful plants ? #Plants #Free

Plants ! Why pay big bucks for beautiful plants


We have done a lot of updates around the house and I am finally ready for plants. The problem is, I don’t appear to be very good growing plants so therefore I am not wanting to spend a lot of money getting started. I also didn’t want something that would harm the dogs or cats and I am not an expert on what is what.

I am a member of a freecycle group on Facebook and while I am normally the one trying to fulfill peoples wish lists I wondered what would happens if I posted an inquiry asking if anyone had any plants they didn’t want or slips off plants. I explained I was not good at growing plants and it had to be cat and dog safe.

Within hours I received several responses and others joined in offering various slips of plants, others wanting plants, others changing slips of plants for ones they didn’t have and so on. I am getting the chance to get a dozen various plants and so are others at no cost to anyone. It is a fantastic way to get plants for free or a variety of new types. Place an add in your local freecycle or even buy and sell sites and  get some new plants for your home 🙂



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