Price Fixing ! File your claim to get your part in the lawsuit ! #LCD #Pricefixing #ClassActionLawsuit

Do you remember the DRAM Class Action Lawsuit that had to due with laptop and computer components?

Most people received a check for $20 who applied for consideration in the lawsuit.

I just received an email saying that now their is another lawsuit in regards to price fixing for the LCD screens during that same time period.

This was the email in the event you were not aware of the last lawsuit, changed your email, etc and could qualify for this. You do not need to give proof for up to two purchases however proof is required after that; which considering the years I would image will be very hard unless your a paper hoarder. Don’t get too excited by that $37.4 million number as after things are said and done it normally works out to a very small amount per person.

Class actions have been commenced in Canada alleging that the defendants conspired to fix prices in the market for large-size LCD Panels and televisions, notebook computers and computer monitors containing LCD Panels (“LCD Products”). The Chunghwa, Epson, Samsung, Innolux and JDI settlement funds (less court approved counsel fees and disbursements) were distributed to eligible class members in 2015. New settlements were reached with Toshiba, AU Optronics, LG and HannStar totalling $37.4 million and are being held in trust for the benefit of Settlement Class Members.

You have been sent this package because you submitted a claim in the Canadian DRAM national class actions and consented to receiving emails about other potentially relevant cases, and were identified as having purchased an LCD product.

You have until January 19, 2018 to submit a claim to receive payment. Claims can be filed online at

It only takes a few moments to fill out the form if you qualify. If you do, take the time to claim your money otherwise what is the point of these lawsuits to make companies do the correct thing.

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