Price Matching ~ Making it Count ~ See how I save 1/3 off Retail with NO COUPONS!!

Price Matching ~ Making it Count ~

We often see and hear of price matching but normally it’s for smaller value products, such as Laundry detergent or something similiar.
IMG_6052 (640x631) Make your price match count! I almost paniced because I forgot my Flyer and this was $249 at Canadian Tire, however they loved the Reebee App (it lets you view all the flyer in your area right from your phone) and could clearly see that this T-Fal was on sale at Walmart for $188…….. That’s a $61 Savings just price matching 🙂

The 2 ladies at Canadian Tire were amazing; they had to call Walmart to get the UPC off of theirs (its the way their register works for price matching) …….well……. the cashier at Canadian Tire got hung up on by Walmart staff……not once, not twice but THREE times. She is trying so hard not to show her frustration (I say………see why I don’t want to shop there), She calls a 4th time; AH  a person…..oh wait……..she can’t help us right now she’s busy we will need to call back. WHAT?? The cashier at Canadian Tire called back AGAIN and asked to speak to the manager and explained what happened and that we would like to know the UPC of the product. The manager……TRANSFERS her to someone else…. at long last we got the UPC!!!

I’m sure you thinking by now….why didn’t you just got to Walmart……. Well I don’t like our Walmart…….it’s like work to shop there, everything is a battle, it’s just not pleasant. I love our Canadian Tire, staff is super nice and helpful . PLUS in Nova Scotia we have advantage points at Canadian Tire. I earned appox $1.88 worth of points 🙂 It gets better. Not only does Canadian Tire Price Match they give you 10% of the price matched price BACK in Canadian Tire Money. I scored $18.80 in Canadian Tire Money!!

  • Save $61 by Price Matching
  • $1.88 in Advantage Points
  • $18.80 in Canadian Tire Money 🙂
  • TOTAL Advantage of Price Matching $81.86
  • That’s Approx 1/3 of the price!!!  No Coupons Required!

Keep this in mind when making larger purchase as well as your groceries. The savings can add up quickly!

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  1. I agree with you not wanting to shop at Walmart, I mentioned a Walmart coupon policy to them (I had read it off of the Walmart site) and they wouldn’t honour their policy or the coupon I had. I really enjoy Canadian Tire (I have Options card and earn money on that, which I later use for discounts). Walmart No Way

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