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Prices Soaring? Giant Tiger really is your Save on Everything Store! Win a Gift Card #Giveaway #GiantTiger


Giant Tiger Prices Soaring? Giant Tiger really is your Save on Everything Store! Win a Gift Card


Food costs are soaring the the price of fruits and vegetables are especially getting higher. We all want to eat healthier and feed our children the best but sometimes you simply cannot afford to. We all know finding coupons for fruits and vegetables are almost impossible. Unless one of the cash back apps has and offer or the instant coupon app Coupgon has an offer, we usually end up paying full price them.

This is one of the reasons I love Giant Tiger, especially our local Truro store; and it’s easy to understand why they are the Save on Everything store is they always have the lowest price and if for some reason they do not, show them a local flyer either paper or online version and not only will they meet the price they will beat it by 1 cent ! Every penny counts!

I didn’t need to stock up on all the fruits and veggies in the house however I did need to pick up a few items today. The oranges & broccoli were both under $3 which is amazing as Devyn LOVES her broccoli! The English cucumber was under $2 and the 4 tomatoes were $3.27 (which is MUCH less than I paid for 2 last week at another store)

A few other items I noted the price were:

2 lbs of onions were $1.47

2 lbs of carrots were $1.47

227 G of Mushrooms $1.97

3 lbs of apples $3.27

bananas were only $0.77 a lb

I didn’t feel these prices were too outrageous considering the prices at other places. Even if you were on a limited budget, $20 could get you a nice variety of fruits and vegetables for your family; something other than frozen or canned.

I must have looked bewildered standing with my cart and not realized I was in deep thought over the cost of produce as next thing I realized the manager at our local Giant Tiger asked if he could help me find anything. { I swear this store has the best customer service on earth} I let him know I was just in never never land and we chatted for a second (he calls me Coupon Nannie; I’m not sure if he even knows my real name; not that it matters) over the price of food,ย  specifically produce.ย  Long story short he was more than happy to sponsor a gift card giveaway for Coupon Nannie fans ! I quickly found Melissa (she does know my real name ๐Ÿ™‚ ) and she quickly got a $20 Gift Card ready for one lucky fan to win!


What you need to know about Giant Tiger!

  • They are CANADIAN ๐Ÿ™‚
  • They really are the “Save on Everything Store”
  • They accept coupons & if your coupon exceeds the value of your item being purchased the rest of the coupon value can go towards other items in your cart/basket
  • They price match and will beat local competitors by 1 cent
  • They are Coupgon friendly!
  • Their flyers began on Wednesday.
  • They have additional items that they do not sell in stores available online! Make sure you sign up for their newsletter for coupons and exclusive offers! Check out their websiteย ย ย ย 
  • You can find them on Twitter (I might have spotted a peanut butter coupon on there)
  • Yes they are on Facebook (Check them out for great deals and contests)


Giant Tiger Gift Card

$20 Giant Tiger Gift Card!

It Can be used at Any Giant Tiger Store ~ Special Thanks to my local Truro Giant Tiger Store for the donation ~

Open to Canadian Residents Only

You have 48 hours to claim your prize once being contacted otherwise another winner will be chosen.

All Entries will be verified.

Giveaway will run from January 27th – February 10th



  1. I love that Giant Tiger keeps their prices reasonable. One of the best values in town and they are Coupgon friendly.

  2. I love that Giant Tiger has such a wide array of products available, and that so often they are cheaper than the competition!

  3. I love that Giant Tiger has a great selection of products at very competitive prices. I buy a lot of grocery items from them.

  4. I like that the employees dont act like those at other stores ( they seem to think that the $ for coupons come out of their own pocket) and they think it great when someone saves a lot of money , they actually have told me they are jealous

  5. Love Giant Tiger! They price match too! Wish our town had a bigger store but once in a while we visit other stores in other cities for a bit more selection.

  6. Giant Tiger has it all – clothing, groceries, pet items, movies, household items, and many great gift ideas. The stores are so cozy!

  7. I love the random deals I always find when there. Last time I went their frozen onion soup was on sale. Perfect time for me to try it. I was rather pleased and won’t mind buying even at regular price now!

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