Printed Coupons how do you know they are NOT Photocopied!!

Printed Coupons how do you know they are NOT Photocopied!!


These coupons are the coupons you would print at Healthy Essentials 🙂 This portal normally allows 2 prints per person! The unique codes in blue also allow Healthy Essentials to credit your account points for using the coupons so you can redeem for free Johnsons’ products 🙂







Code1 code2


I know its very difficult to see that the numbers with the blue lines are different so I zoomed in on them for you 🙂





Smart Source Coupons are very popular as well! Smartsource web portals allow only 2 Prints per computer! They have the SAME UPC code but different pins!


Other Coupons that are printable can be a bit more difficult to determine however if it’s not specified (Most printed coupons allow 2 prints) you must go by the wording on the coupon and what is the “Intent” of the advertiser! Let’s look at one that has been quite popular this weekend!

neuIn order to get this coupon you had to complete A review of A product! As a Thank You for completing a review they offered a coupon! The wording on the coupon also states ONE COUPON PER PERSON!










The “Intent” of the advertisers appears for each person to be entitled to a coupon.







[sam id=”17″ codes=”true”]


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