Printing Smart Source Coupons in Fire Fox! #SmartSource #Coupons

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PrintPrinting Smart Source Coupons in Fire Fox!

Many people have had issues printing off Smart Source coupons, I know many don’t want to believe it but it really is a Java Issue! Seriously!

I use Firefox and when Coupons won’t print for me and I get that stupid error message these are the steps I need to go through


Step1I get to the page I want to print from in this case the Coupon Nannie Smart Source Portal

Click the Globe !

Once You Click the Globe the next Box opens as seen in the picture.



Step3You need to ensure both the Permissions for Java are set to allow!

Even once you do this you will still get one more box that pops up that you need to click yes on in order for printing to start!



If you have a different browser CLICK HEREĀ  to see what help options for your browser. You may have to try more than one option to get it to work. If you have tried before to get these to work, clear your cookies, browser history ,etc first!

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