Provacare – Dedicated to Women – Even the Pregnant ones :) ~ Get Your $5 Coupon ~

resize_1f6a0d4b959d5d60a63d46ba34476106e229b866dba31021e9d43cc0be4ef9c8a35f5450256256 Provacare – Dedicated to Women – Even the Pregnant ones 🙂

Provacare is a great soothing feminine foaming wash that is prefect for all women. Many women, especially those expecting can have develop irritation  on their lady parts with some soaps & cleaning.

Provacare contains natural Aloe & Witch Hazel Water that’s great for moisturizing. It protects against order causing bacteria. I really loved the fresh clean feeling it gave you 🙂



This product helps treat the symptoms of dryness, burning and excessive discharge. It’s a 7 day treatment however most women have had the relief after day 3 or 4; it is important to continue to take the product.

The instructions on the package are very easy to follow. It helps to restore the balance of flora in the vaginal ecosystem. Provacare helps treat and prevent vaginal infections caused by yeast (Candida Albicans) and bacterial vaginosis (BV) and is clinically proven showing no known side effects.

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