Save money without cents off coupons ! See how to rack up Optimum Points ~ 19 640 On this purchase!!!

IMG_7400 (640x580)You can save even if you don’t have high value coupons!!

Today I printed off the coupon to receive 8000 Points at Shoppers When you spend $50 (that’s before coupons) I picked up a few other little things not pictured to hit my $50 🙂

I only had $11.25 in coupons 🙁 BUT BUT BUT!!

I had Points Coupons Click here to print yours!!

3000 Points for Huggies

3000 Points for Swaddlers

3000 Points for Crusiers

2000 Points for Pampers Wipes

PLUS my regular optimum points brought my points up to 11640 + 8000 for over $50 = 19640 That;s close to $30!!! in Points Link to coupons Click Here

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