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Save on Gas ! Learn how to get the real benefits of Gas Coupons!

save on gasSave on Gas!


I often hear people complain about the gas coupon programs that SuperStore and Sobeys offer in Atlantic Canada; claiming a cent or 2 is nothing.  When you go fuel up your tank, your right you probably not going to notice if you save a penny a litre; it wouldn’t see like a savings really. You can save and stack these coupons!!


You would rush across town if you heard a gas station was selling gas 25 cents a litre than where you normally fill up but yet throw these coupons in the garbage 🙁 Or say you never remember to take them. They are like CASH! Put them with your cash!  Sobey’s gas coupons you can use as many as you like! Super Store you can use 4 at a time, but don’t let that deter you! The other day when putting my cart back there were 4 carts where they put the carts back in the parking lot, each had a receipt and coupon for gas; each was worth 10 cents off a litre. I saved 40 Cents a Litre off gas with coupons people tossed away!!


Next time you shop for groceries check the bottom of your receipt to ensure you don’t throw away a gas coupon; recently I have noticed that the Superstore ones are attached to the receipt and not seperate! Be sure your not throwing cash in the garbage. No gas? Trade them for coupons you can use 🙂

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